7 Reasons Why You Should Date a Russian Woman

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Are you sick of dealing with ‘native’ girls from your part of the world? Have you seen all they have to offer in terms of fashion, in terms of style, personality, lingo and preferences? Then change it up. The world, thankfully, is beginning to see a massive increase in the adventurous nature of the most beautiful people in the world – Russians. Russian women are truly elegant and attractive, and make the perfect alternative for anyone who has grown tired of their own nationality.

Not sure why dating a Russian woman can be such an enthralling experience? Let’s take a look at why that is – by the end of this, you’ll be desperate to meet a Natasha of your own!

No Confusion

If a Russian is enjoying being around you, she will let you know – they don’t mess around. Some might find Russians overly cold or callous, but they are about as forthright as you could possibly have expected. This means there’s no confusion, no mixed signals and no “I thought she loved me!” because, trust us, she’ll let you know.

Russian women will let you know if they like you

Less Nonsense

Put simply, Russian women are less likely to be full of TV-style drama. If you are sick of feeling like your partner is trying to recreate her favourite soap operas or dramas with overblown arguments, date a Russian. They are far more laid back and tend to be much more mature.

Russian women don't do drama

No Walkovers

Russian women don’t take your sh*t, either! If you are looking to be with a strong, independent woman, then try spending some time around a Russian woman. They won’t let you talk down to them or diss them; Russians don’t take kindly to cheap jokes. If you like a bit of dig and grit in a woman, then Russians have it in spades.

Russian women won't let you walk over her

Far Better Musical Taste

Without a doubt, one of the best parts about being with a Russian woman is the musical side of things. If Rihanna is draining your soul, then be prepared for a bit of Tootsie instead! Russian woman have a FAR better understanding of the qualities of pop music than most nations. Honestly, it might sound funny, but music is a big part of it – and damn, do the Russians know music.

Russian women have a good musical taste

Inner Monologue Removed

Worried you might be pissing her off or doing something wrong? Don’t worry; a Russian will be more than happy to let you know. Russians don’t waste their time letting it all build up and then letting it all out in a furious rage; they just tell you.

Russian girlfriends say it how it is

Intensely Loyal

However, a Russian woman as your love will NEVER let you down or betray you. They put family and love over everyone, and will be incredibly loyal to those who give them a reason to be. If you want to be with someone who you know is with you 100%, be with a Russian.

Russian women are loyal to death

Great Fun

Best of all, Russian woman can probably put you under the table in a drink-off. They are party animals and know exactly how to have a good time. Rather than trying to get her into a taxi because she’s had one drink too many and is beginning to shout and scream, a Russian woman is more likely to have to do that with you!

Russian girlfriends are fun to be with

So, hopefully now you can see why most of the world MUCH prefer Russian women over domestic alternatives. It’s love, without the whiny drama and the low alcohol intake!

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