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“Oh, this girl drives me crazy ... "- I bet you heard that before?! Yes, there are beautiful ladies that can cause a lot of trouble in one’s personal life. In the beginning spending time with them in a casual relationship can be rewarding. Things like going to the cinema, gym, sharing professional interests can lead to a flirty romance or a fling. However if you are considering making a transition to a serious relationship, think twice as most people with common sense will categorically reject this foolish move. Sexologists and psychologists have identified seven types of girls that fall into the “undateable” category. Why seven types? Difficult to say, experts know better, so we will have to rely on their professionalism.

First nominee on the list: your best mate’s sister. On one hand it may seem as a good option. All parties are acquainted with each other. But based on fact, troubles normally begin shortly after you start dating. For starters your friendship will undergo some sour changes. This happens mainly due to the articulation of all the subtleties of your new relationship with your best friend – the brother. Even if he seems ok with it all on the surface, rest assured that the brotherly instincts are always on guard. However any hidden misplaced personality trait can ultimately lead to some serious trouble. The slightest misunderstanding you and your new love may have will ultimately affect the girl’s mood and when your friend notices it - the showdown begins. This can be a serious roadblock to any healthy relationship and sooner or later you may find yourself single and friendless.

The ex. You cannot start a NEW relationship with the OLD love. Your loneliness may serve as a stimulus to ignite the old flame. However eventually forgotten troubles find their way back to the surface. If you are expecting to get back to your old customary life, rest assured that a banal scandal fuelled by some long forgotten nuisance is just around the corner.

Psychologists don’t recommend dating frivolous girls you may meet in a nightclub, pub or any large social gathering. They are ok to meet only once - for a fun time on the night. If you meet again it is best to restrain yourself to a formal greeting and part your ways with the first chance you get. Often, this type of girl doesn't expect anything more than that from you anyway.

Personal assistant is next on the list… that is of course if you have one. Office romance can significantly impede the quality of work and decrease performance. Also add to that constant elusion from other employees and the ever-watching boss. And if your romance does eventuate, don’t forget the possibility of blackmail. If she only sees you as a beneficial superior, she may resort to every dirty method in the book to keep you on the leash. The resulting rumours can significantly endanger your reputation within the organisation and outside of it too.

A well-known taboo is a friend's ex. Here comes to the fore the very notion of friendship - stay away from the girl if you value it. Secrecy and talks behind the back can lead to things much worse than a contained measured reaction of your best mate. He may be worrying about the breakup and even though you may find yourself happy and joyful in his blissful ignorance it can turn quite unpleasant when he finds out.

Stay away from number 6 on our list - girls that are too artificial cough… gold diggers… cough. This type constantly demands (literally) money and even if you may find it ok to subsidise the "other half" sooner or later you will find yourself short on cash. When that happens prepare for the cold hard b|tch transformation. The money factor is often raised un-noticeably and quite subtly but eventually it turns into constant begging. Better to pay attention to this earlier and break off the relationship when the first gold mining signs go up.

Final and the most rare/unusual type of girl you’d want to go out with – the stripper. Much worse than the third type. At first everything is splendid. After all you are a lucky guy with a hot chick and are always the centre of attention. However, by virtue of her profession, you will have to deal with reacting to persistent requests from other men, odd hours and safety concerns. Jealousy, suspicion you know the rest of the story…This pretty much sums it up. Have you had personal experience dating one of the 7 types? Do share!

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