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All people dream about beautiful love. It is so nice to imagine that a man admires a woman, looks after her. She reciprocates, and, as a result, a man’s feelings become stronger. Their relationships are not only response on each other feeling. They love each other unselfishly. We all like to watch films and read books about romantic love and wish ourselves to experience such feeling in our everyday life. We find what we are looking for, but often we become to be disappointed in short period of time. We notice that enthusiastic perception of each other just goes away.

Today I would like to explain you how to distinguish the starting problems in relationship and show the ways to deal with such difficulties. Life is harder than we can sometimes expect and it does not consist only of intimate and romantic scenes. It is easier to imagine that someone loves you just because you are like you are, with all your bright and dark sides. However, it is more difficult to perceive that YOU have to love someone who is not ideal as well. Anyway, it is impossible to build strong relationships without love. Unlike infatuation, love takes time to be built, it does not appear spontaneously. From the moment two people decided to live together or to keep relationships, it is essential to think about the impact your actions and thoughts would have on the partner.There are 8 ways which could be useful to know if you want to create and remain real long-lasting love.

1. Do not look at your partner as an ideal one.

The romantic tragedy occurs when delights are gone and we start to see a reality. People who are in love tend to transfer the characteristics of favorite actors from famous films or books to the real person. In reality your partner is different and you understand that know nothing about him or her. In order to avoid being involved in this kind of situation, try to spend more time for a conversation. This will help you to realize what the person is and how much your values are similar to your partners’ ones. 

2. Be ready to learn from each other.

We all are different. If you want to create close relationships, it is important to be aware of the ways how to decrypt each other’s thoughts and actions. We often interpret what we see in the way what we want to see, but in many cases it does not match with a reality. For example, a man spends more time with friends or at work. A woman feels lonely, but she is unlikely to discuss it in order to not be annoying. On the other hand, a man misunderstands such woman’s behaviour: he thinks that he is not important for her any more. So far, so bad. There is essential to talk to those who we love. The same actions can be interpreted in different ways according to a situation. If you don’t want your partner draw a wrong conclusion, try to speak out what you think and feel. It certainly helps you to understand each other without words in the near future. Otherwise, the distance between you and your partner will increase more and more. 

3. Learn to take an advantage from your loneliness.

The circle of interests can be quite big for any man: not only his woman, but also work, hobbies, friends are important parts of his life. You might agree that the more versatile your partner is, the more attractive he can be. It is possible that you don’t share some of his interests. In this case it can be crucial for you to feel comfortable on your own.

4. Analyze the reasons of the disagreements. 

In order to keep romantic relationships some couples argue from time to time, because they accept it as a part of love games. However, if you choose to quarrel only for reasons to hide some psychologic injuries or distrust, this definitely isn't right way. Speak out and discuss the problems and at the same time remember that it is more likely for any person to remember positive impressions rather that negative ones. Therefore, it will be more effective, if you combine the talk about the problem with at least five pleasant memories.

5. Appreciate what you have.

It is very simple to dream about unreal things making other people responsible for what you are not able to do. On the other side, you might want to slim and take off 10 extra kg of you weight. In this case no one is responsible except you. You can receive from another person no more than you are able to give him or her. Love your partner so much as you want to be loved.

6. Give up psychologic manipulations.

Trust is the basis of real love. Be honest and do not put pressure on your partner just to take an advantage for yourselves. There is no need for manipulations if relationships are clear and trustworthy.

7. It is a good idea to accept and like everyday life.

Any celebration cannot last forever. Everyday life probably is not as bright as a memorable event, but it is important to see uniqueness and feel comfortable in any situation with a loved person. If every day routine that you do together with your partner does not bother you, it means that you have reached a real closeness. 

8. Open your heart for love.

It is believed that if you want to be happy, just be. There are no any special conditions for a person to be happy. It should be inner feeling. One person can see the possibilities in any difficulties; another one will see only difficulties in any possibilities. As a result, every more or less complicated situation can become a reason for a bad mood, malevolent attitude to a partner or even depression. If you are open for love, it is much easier to accept someone’s love. It also has been noticed that more you are tuned for positives, the more nice characteristics of your partner you see. Your partner will feel your attitude and instinctively will do the same.

***And one more thing. Mutual desire of both partners is crucial for close and strong relationships,. However, a woman is more influential on the process because it is mainly her mission to create comfortable and intimate atmosphere. Remember that while you are looking after someone, you are looking after yourselves as well.

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