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Dec 17 '13 | By single_man | Views: 1004 | Comments: 0
Have you ever have had a situation when you're dating a girl and you always call first. It's one thing when she does not call after the first date, and quite another if she never writes or calls first.One can get an impression that she is indifferent towards the relationship and if you stop calling, then you simply disperse. But then you also notice that when you call her, she is very responsive, asks questions and says she was very glad you called. If you're asking her to meet up, she agrees and everything seems fine. So why does not she ever call or write first?All a matter of principle she thinks that man always makes the first call - the first to invite on a date, first kiss, first love confession, etc. She thinks that if she would call first, then she would violate the principles of which are laid out in her brain since childhood :)So what to do if she is not writing or callingNothing! First, there is nothing we can do about it. Personally I think it's a good thing, because you can call her only when you are interested in a conversation or have time to meet up. We all have our own business (work study , friends, fun , etc.) And if a girl calls you by the hour after a while it becomes quite distracting. I am very pleased when I come across this type of girls . Why long conversations on phone for hours? It takes a lot of time and isn't it better to meet up and chat in person?
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