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Beware of Scammers

IntrigU | Jan 16 '14
Scamming is a serious and growing issue for social sites and datingforfree has implemented sophisticated systems to block scammers, however there are still times when they will sneak through our net and it is up to you to take care. If you are suspicious a member maybe trying to scam you then report them using the report member icon at the top...

New photos for your enjoyment!

IntrigU | Jan 10 '14
We don't need a special occasion to share strange and funny photos with you. So to continue from our Christmass and New Year posts here is another set of photos for your enjoyment!

This dating poster caught us by surprise.

IntrigU | Jan 4 '14
Would you call the number?

Shopping with girlfriend

IntrigU | Jan 1 '14 | Rate: 5 | Comments: 1
datinforfree wishes you all a Happy New Year! If you are single and are contemplating about how things may have been different for you this holiday season, here is some food for thought. We've found a collection of images of men "happily" waiting for their girlfriends/wives shopping around the mall. There is always a silver lining. Enjoy :)...

Merry Christmas!

IntrigU | Dec 25 '13
Datingforfree wishes you a Merry Christmass! Let Santa grant all your wishes! Here is a collection of quirky images from us for your enjoyment! XOXOXO

Gifts and relationships

dating_girl | Dec 22 '13 | Tags: gifts, relationships
If you take a closer look at the typical actions, events or rituals associated with gifting a present you will see past the modern stereotypes into what is also a sacred deep meaning. For example, when a woman is presented with a gift it is with an intention to give her pleasure but if I may say so it is also an investment in the happiness and...

Social status

single_lady | Dec 20 '13
Everyone of us at least once in a lifetime wanted to change oneself , try someone else's role. For many it may seem a game to come across as another person. I also wanted to change my social role . I tried to be a person I am not..I don’t know when it happened but one day I realized that no matter what I do inside of me the true me wants to...

If she never calls first

single_man | Dec 17 '13 | Comments: 1
Have you ever have had a situation when you're dating a girl and you always call first. It's one thing when she does not call after the first date, and quite another if she never writes or calls first.One can get an impression that she is indifferent towards the relationship and if you stop calling, then you simply disperse. But then you also...


single_man | Dec 15 '13
When a man is guilty of anything, he often gets his wife (girlfriend) something as a gift. It can be flowers, a box of chocolates or something a little more serious (depends on the severity of the offense). Interestingly, in German there is a special term for this gift: Drachenfutter. Translation is quite interesting: "feed the dragon." And what...

My opinion about attracting girls

single_lady | Dec 8 '13
Today I 'll share with you a strategy of "how to make girls chase you " and try to explain all possible scenarios. For starters forget everything you know about this and try applying this strategy. Here it goes:1. When you like a girl you have to be straight with her. That is, for example , if you want to ask her out on a date, do so. Ask...
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