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5 Things You Should Know Before Dating a Russian Woman

IntrigU | Jul 31 '21 | Rate: 5 | Comments: 1 | Tags: dating, russian women, tips
International relationships are very common nowadays. And, if you’re specifically looking to date a Russian woman, you should learn how to date them. Whether you’ll meet your potential lover on a dating site or physically, it’s important to maintain communication with the lady you want to date. However, because of various cultural and language...

How to Sweep an Ukrainian Woman off her Feet

IntrigU | Sep 18 '17 | Rate: 5 | Tags: dating, ukrainian women
In case you are wondering how to court an Ukrainian lady, then you must keep on reading. In this article, we will give you some tips on how to approach these beautiful women. If you pay close attention, you will significantly increase your chances of success by just following the few simple pointers in this post. Let’s get started. The...

3 simple tips for dating a Russian woman

IntrigU | Jul 24 '17 | Rate: 4 | Tags: dating, russian women
Russian women are extremely particular about the man they date, so dating them is no mean feat. Russian women want a man who can take care of their financial needs. They do not really care about any other thing as long as the man is able to produce offspring, and also look after her and the children. Dating a Russian woman is not the same as...

7 Reasons Why You Should Date a Russian Woman

IntrigU | Apr 10 '17 | Rate: 5 | Tags: dating, russian women
Are you sick of dealing with ‘native’ girls from your part of the world? Have you seen all they have to offer in terms of fashion, in terms of style, personality, lingo and preferences? Then change it up. The world, thankfully, is beginning to see a massive increase in the adventurous nature of the most beautiful people in the world...

Why don’t men get married? Why don’t men propose?

Aukse | Aug 23 '15 | Rate: 5 | Comments: 1 | Tags: dating, advise, marry a man, get a man to propose
In this article I’d like to consider some causes of men’s thinking about a marriage. 1. An influence of other people’s relationships.A man looks at the relationships of his parents and makes a conclusion about a marriage. If a man thinks that his parents’ marriage was not so harmonious, he decides to not make any steps toward marriage. And,...

8 ways to create and preserve love

Svetlana | Aug 5 '15 | Rate: 5 | Tags: dating, love, harmony, successful relationships
All people dream about beautiful love. It is so nice to imagine that a man admires a woman, looks after her. She reciprocates, and, as a result, a man’s feelings become stronger. Their relationships are not only response on each other feeling. They love each other unselfishly. We all like to watch films and read books about romantic love and...
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