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In life, one of the most surprising things that we can witness is the difference in how news can be greeted across cultures. Tell someone from one culture about a particular piece of news, and it will elicit a totally different response to someone else. For example, take pregnancy. The difference in how pregnancy – and the news of pregnancy – is greeting is quite stark. If you were to speak to someone from Russia about pregnancy, the response is massively different to what you would get from, say, an American.

Russian people are naturally known to be extremely optimistic and emotional about such news. The birth of a child is a cause of immense celebration in Russian culture. When a female passes on the news to her female friends of the pregnancy, the room becomes overjoyed. It’s not uncommon to see women openly crying with joy for their friends, jumping up and down together and hugging as if everyone just won the lottery. It’s all about adding a positive, friendly energy to the room and making everyone in the room feel positive about the news.

It’s an experience that most Russians can easily identify with. Russian cultures look at the birth of a child in a completely different light to how it is viewed in America, for example. That same Russian could then pass on the news of her impending childbirth to a group of American friends and receive an entirely alternate response. In fact, it can feel quite emotionless and shallow.

From the sense of community and togetherness felt so keenly in Russian company, American company changes that to a far more solipsistic mind-set. It goes from being a massive celebration to negative questioning. Questions about happiness, commitment, the cost of raising a child, whether they should even keep it…are sadly common.

Now, the reason this matters is simple. When pregnant, the atmosphere around you plays a key role in the birth: if you are surrounded by negativity and always having to worry about questions and fears, it can cause problems. With such negative questioning, it soon becomes very easy to start worrying and feel more negative about childbirth.

That can feel rather tasteless, and can leave many young women feeling sensitive about their future. The culture in America is one that shuns parenthood until it’s almost too late – live your life first, have kids when you’re getting old and are ‘past it’ seems to be the motto. In Russia, thankfully, motherhood is embraced.

The difference in how childhood is perceived in both nations is vast, and it’s easy to see where the most maternal feelings stem from. When you are pregnant, the praise and happiness should be toward you both: in America, the concern is all for how the mother can live a ‘normal’ life without being ‘burdened’ by a child.

What do you think is the more humane, mature mind-set?

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