Sex on the first date? Men are against!

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Intimacy on the first date is one of the most controversial and discussed topics on forums and blogs. There is no single opinion on the matter in the community, however, every man has decided what’s right and what’s wrong for himself. I have to say, that I have studied a variety of forums and blogs where I was interested mostly in men’s opinions and made a few interesting discoveries. I realized that there isn't a clear conclusion on the topic - there are always pros and cons. And the arguments are quite balanced. However, in general several there are several trends:

Women tend to justify sex on the first date.

Increasingly, the weaker sex openly talks about doing it on the first date and the fact is that it is not always abhorrent to a woman. On the contrary, according to some girls, sex is the only way to know a man is able to impress and whether he deserves at all wasting time on him. There is a category of women (rather large), which is looking for dates for the sake of just having sex. More sublime ladies however justify sex on the first date by unbridled passion, "union of souls" and clouding of the mind.

Men tolerate women who agree to have sex when meeting for the first time.

Males on the internet forums and blogs are becoming more tolerant to this concept. Men recognize the equality of women in the right to decide when, with whom and with how many. Most are actually happy that girls are becoming more liberated. However opinions of women, who immediately agree to have sex are very different both in substance and tone.

Sex on the first date leaves a lot of impressions, but rarely leads to a continuing relationship.

Despite long and heated debates, the majority of men on the Internet eventually recognized that quick sex rarely leads to a long and happy “ever after”. Even when sex was the beginning of a relationship, only a few of them end in marriage.Honestly, I am an opponent of having sex on the first date. And I am for a reason. Therefore, I decided to look for like-minded people both online and offline among friends and colleagues. I was particularly interested in men's opinion, because as a woman I understand what encourages ladies to refuse sex. Here are some highlights of opinions I was able to gather:

Men assume that if she agreed to have sex on the first date, she always agrees does so.

"If a girl agrees to have sex immediately, nothing is going to work out between us in the long term. I have quite a loathing attitude towards these women. Two hours into conversation and she is ready to spread the legs. I certainly do not object, but when she talks to me about love or that it was an act of passion I quickly try to get rid of her."

Men are afraid of diseases.

"Now I'm over 30 and am of another opinion about sex. However earlier in my wild younger years I had a few raunchy encounters. But the consequences were so ill that I do not even know how to spell their medical. Scratching and burning among other less pleasant symptoms tied me to a hospital bed for three months. After that experience, I am a lot more conscious about who I sleep with.”

Men are after spiritual intimacy."Sex with a woman you love is not just an act of physical intimacy, but also a chance to say something for which words are not enough!"

Men want to be hunters, not gatherers. "It may sound banal but we quickly lose interest in what is given to us for free without any significant effort. On the other hand if you wait in anticipation and spend days, weeks or even years to win her love – it’s a whole different story."What are your thoughts?

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