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With the continuous advancements in the internet, our society has become more and more hooked and dependent to the internet. Hence, it is no longer surprising how much people are using the internet to find romance. Some people perceive online dating as a desperate attempt in finding true love. But admit it or not, online dating is now a trend and is quickly becoming an accepted platform to meet a significant other.One good thing about online dating is that it takes away all the awkwardness of actually approaching a person and initiating a conversation. 

To add to that, with online dating, you have almost unlimited possibilities to meet someone who could eventually end up to be your life partner. It is very convenient and less time consuming, which is a good thing for extremely busy people. There are a lot of success stories about online dating. Although there are no defined rules or formulas, you may want to consider the following tips that maybe can gear you towards a successful online dating experience.

1. Have a well-written profile

In order to catch someone’s attention, you should make sure that your profile stands out from the rest. You have to showcase the best version of yourself and keep it interesting. Avoid cliché phrases and make it more personal. Do not pretend to be someone you are not, be honest with the way you describe yourself in your profile. Also, make sure that your profile is free from grammatical and spelling errors. Updating your profile once in a while is also a good way to keep things fresh.

2. Upload a recent photo

Make sure that your profile picture should be a picture of yourself (not of your pet) and is taken within the last three months and occasionally update it to keep your profile fresh. But do not update it too much. Once every couple of months is enough. Also, make sure you have both headshots and full body shots. You may also want to upload pictures of you doing some of your hobbies. And be sure to make it real, avoid too much editing that the person in the picture no longer looks like you. Also, avoid uploading provocative pictures.

3. Be selective

Do not go on a shopping spree. Yes, there are lot of them to choose from, but you do not have to hit on everyone and then wait for anyone to respond. Before trying to initiate contact, carefully review his/her profile first and try to assess whether or not the two of you will hit it off. By narrowing your focus, you are increasing your chances in finding the right one for you. You also have to learn to say no. If he/she is not your type, be honest. If however, you are scared to hurt their feelings, politely tell them that you are looking for a certain type of person. 

4. Make a good first impression

You have to make sure that your first email will get his/her attention. You should first write a short personalized greeting to the other person. You do not want him/her to think that you just copy and paste your message from one person to another until you get a response. You have to give reasons as to why he/she has caught your attention and maybe include a little compliment as well. And then try to initiate a conversation by asking an open-ended question. 

5. Be clear on what you want

Whether you want a casual relationship or a serious one, make sure that the other end is well aware of it. You wouldn’t want him/her having expectations that you could not meet. It is the right thing to do to say what you want as early as you can. Not on the first email though, but once you start to get know each other, it is important that the two of you knows what you are going to get.

6. Be cautious 

Do not give away highly confidential information online. Be sure to get to know the other person first before you do so. It is really hard to trust someone over the internet so you have to be very careful. Follow your instincts and when you get a bad vibe, stay clear.

7. Make an effort

Show some interest and make an effort to get to know the other person better. Spend time chatting with each other a few times a week. Do not box yourselves in just chatting, it will also be nice if you can get his/her contact number so you can call and text each other too. Having a phone conversation with someone before you meet up is highly encouraged. You have to be highly cautious of anyone who comes up with unlimited excuses just so you wouldn’t have to talk on the phone prior to meet up. 

8. Set an actual date

The sooner you take your relationship offline, the better. You should actually go out and find a common time to meet each other face to face. This way, you can really assess whether the other person is really genuine or everything was just a façade. It is very easy to find chemistry online but there are some people who hit it off pretty well online but find no spark at all in real life. You also have to be prepared for that. Keep in mind that anything can happen on that first meet up. Oh, and don’t get drunk! 

9. Have a safety net

You should also consider your safety. Choose a public place to meet up. The two of you should agree to this location. If you are still uncomfortable with that, you can bring a friend along to sit on a table far from yours so that your friend can keep an eye on you in case the other party tries to do something bad. Or you could at least let someone know where you are and whom you are going to meet. Just in case something went wrong.

10. Have fun

Do not be too uptight. And do not pressure your date as well. You should keep it light and fun and everything shall fall into place. The more fun you have, the more comfortable you become with each other. Hence, increasing your chances for more dates to come. Yey! 

11. Give attention to details

You have to be observant as well. Beware of frauds and scammers. Sometimes they are too good to be true. They would try to put you at ease, but you never know what their true motives are. Keep tabs on the details they gave you and look for any signs of discrepancies. In addition to that, observe if they have any unusual behaviors. Your safety should also be a priority.

12. Keep an open mind

Even after a really great date, you’ll never know what will happen next. Perhaps you had the time of your life but your date did not enjoy as much. Be ready to get rejected (just in case). And if you do get rejected, do not take it personally. Do not give up and get ready to dive in again. 

13. Never give up

You may need to go on several dates before you find the right person. The good thing about online dating is that, when your first date was bad, there are far less awkward consequences than dating someone you actually know. You can go on with your lives quickly and jump in again to find the next potential partner. As the cliché goes, patience is a virtue. And in online dating, you’re going to need a lot of it.

14. Choose the right site for you

There are already a lot of online dating sites nowadays. You do not need to sign up in every online dating site you encounter. Finding the right site is just like finding your true love. Once you found it, you have to stick to it. But how do you choose? Before deciding to go online dating, you of course have already established what you wanted to accomplish in this mission. Compare sites based on its ratings, costs, demographics and targeted communities. You may even try to sign up to two or three and then assess which one you will totally invest you time to. 

IntrigU.com is a budding Australian dating site that is proactively trying to work to increase the population and give its clients the best online dating experience. It is free to use and is translated to a lot of different language to cater to other countries as well. It is definitely a site worth a look.So there you go, my personal online dating tips for you. Keep in mind that these are not mandatory. And what might work for others, might not work for you. But whatever it is that you decide to do, I wish you good luck on your quest to finding your significant other. By: Donna Viray

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