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I had a bad feeling about the deal; however, something really has gotten me that day, which inevitably forced me to submit to what we had agreed upon. I didn't exactly know what to expect from this so called “meeting”. I mean, I’m not the type of person who goes out of my comfort zone and jumps into something risky and outrageous. My sister often calls me a “loser” but who cares? I love my peaceful and prolific lifestyle as a student and gamer. 

Oh, I haven’t mention that didn't I? Well, I am an online gamer and that is the reason behind this stupid dress and make-up I am wearing. I am meeting another gamer in a particular area near the park. I couldn't exactly remember what they call this place. Martins? Marshalls? I forgot what my sister told me. Of course, she knew. And just imagine how happy she was when I broke the news about me meeting this guy who wanted to buy one of my beloved characters. I could have just asked him to send the payment to my account but he insisted on handing the money by himself. He said he just lived nearby and really enumerated a long list of reasons on the benefits of meeting him. And just what I mentioned a while ago, I really didn't know what gotten me that I agreed. Maybe because we had been playing together an online game for quite some time. Probably because our characters have been a “mascot love team”. Or simply because, he was so great to chat with and that his voice sounded so husky and lovable.

 Red shirt. Black skinny jeans. Skater’s shoes. My heart pounded like crazy the moment I saw a tall, white guy dressed in such description. Every step he made towards me doubled the speed of my heartbeat. I could feel my heart going out of my chest. His forehead was knotted, sort of trying to figure out if I was also that girl he was looking for. Blue dress. Flat shoes. Ponytail. He stared at me for a moment. More likely assessing. I was still in the processing of weighing whether I will greet him first or wait until he found the guts to say something. We were waiting. Yes, the scene seemed so funny because we were both staring at each other without even a single word coming out of our mouth. We were only three meters apart. I took a deep breath and finally decided to make the first move. 

This guy is a sissy, I thought. However, when I was already about to say my piece he turned and left. I was totally dumbfounded. I mean, he left me! I was not able to move for a minute. I wanted to cry because all of my expectations faltered into pieces. I couldn't figure out what totally went wrong with me. I know I am not much of a ‘looker’ compared to my sister but isn't it a slap on ones face when a guy suddenly leaves you hanging? I wanted to cry. This decision of meeting this guy is totally outrageous. 

I should’ve known. I shouldn't have believed what my sister told me. We might be sisters but that does not mean that we are going to be experiencing the same fate when it comes to love. I expected too much and now, I am nothing but a loser. I hold on tight to my sling bag and decided to hit home when I felt somebody touched my shoulder. My tears were already on the verge of falling. Then, I saw that cute guy towering over me. He was wearing a red shirt, black skinny jeans and skater’s shoes. He had this shy smile on his face and weird expression. He asked if I was the girl he was meeting and introduced himself then. All the frustrations I felt at that moment doubled. First, I mistook a guy to be the one I am meeting. Second, I look so terrible in front of the guy I really am meeting. He probably evaluated what I had gone through and so he asked if I wanted a hot chocolate. I knew it sounded crazy to have a hot chocolate on that stinging hot afternoon but I did agree. 

We went on a small coffee shop, bought that chocolate drink and then talked about the deal. Good thing he was talkative and funny. I couldn't exactly explain how my frustrations melted but it did go away during our conversation. After agreeing upon our deal and paying the amount agreed upon he asked if I was in a hurry and if we could go somewhere else. I knew it was strange to immediately trust somebody like him but I did. I was totally drawn towards him. He was not only cute, but also a gentleman. 

We went to an arcade near the place and challenged me to play with him one on one. He even joked to buy me another chocolate drink if I’ll lose on our game. I would admit he was a good gamer but I’m a better one. It was fun. I once thought that arcades are for children only but I had the time of my life there with him. He was really a good company and I could feel my heart going crazy over him. We had dinner before he sent me home. We talked about our interest in computer games and some stuff about school, family and other interests. As we were both heading home, he suddenly grabbed my arm and then held my hand. 

Out of nowhere, he shouted, “Our enemies were behind us. Run!” I was laughing really hard but I ran with him. We looked crazy but who cares?My sister kept bugging me about the details of the meeting we had. The smiles I was trying to keep sent her creeps. I just shared to her about what we did and then headed to my room. Like what I usually did, I checked my gamer’s account before heading to sleep. He was online and we chatted for quite some time. And there this crazy beating of my heart again. 

Before I slept that night, a question really bothered me. I didn't know if my answer was right but I know it would lead to something. Something great.What was the question? He asked if I wanted to have another chocolate drink. 

By Marjorie Ma-ano

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