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Russian women are extremely particular about the man they date, so dating them is no mean feat. Russian women want a man who can take care of their financial needs. They do not really care about any other thing as long as the man is able to produce offspring, and also look after her and the children.

Dating a Russian woman is not the same as dating any other woman. They live in a different society therefore they have a different mindset, so there are some rules you need to follow if you are to date a Russian woman.

Dating a Russian woman like this will require some knowledge

1. Bring her flowers. In Russia, a guy who doesn't bring flowers on the first date may find himself rejected on the spot. In the Russian culture roses are considered the most romantic flower, so not bring a bouquet of roses or tulips would be mean your date would not go on well that is if it does continue. Another point to note is that the number of flowers in the bunch has to be odd as a bouquet with an even number of flowers is used for funerals.

2. Compliment her. Russian women not only enjoy compliments but  also like when they are been praised. For a Russian woman, only positive and personal comments can bring you success. In some cultures, negative remarks attract some women, but that would not work for a Russian woman.

3. Find out more about Russia. It would certainly do you a world of good if you know things about Russia as a country and even her Russian culture. This would mean you both have more to talk about and will thus enable you to get close to her. If you learn a few Russian words and speak it in front of her, she will definitely appreciate it.

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