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Russian women are undeniably beautiful – so it’s not surprising so many men are looking to meet them. Problem is, for every legitimate Russian dating site there are twenty scam sites, so how are you supposed to wade through the fakes to find the real ones? Well, fear not, because we’ve done the hard work for you. Here are the 3 best legitimate Russian dating sites. 

Russian Cupid


-Sign up with Facebook (no risk of posting on your profile) 

-Detailed Profiles 

-Lots of members 



-Some strange categorizations 

-Session time-outs are annoying

-Received messages cannot be seen until you pay

Russian Cupid is a legitimate dating site for meeting Russian women (verified of-age) though they have some mysterious categorizations for these women. The biggest pro for Russian Cupid is the number of active members they have on the site. 

Is it a free Russian dating site? Well, not really. Their free account allows you to do next-to-nothing (you have to pay to talk to anyone) and the outdated look means it falls short of being great. The premium membership is $1 USD a day, which is fine if you like the site and get a lot of engagement, but if you aren’t able to log on often it can seem pretty pricey. 

You are also forced to choose from just a few message subject lines such as “I like your profile” and “Seeking Marriage”, which aren’t very original, sound robotic, and prevents you from using your personality to get women’s attention. 

Verdict: 2.5 out of 5

Elena’s Models 


-It has been running for many years 

-Set up by a woman who married a western man 

-You can screen profiles easily 

-Legitimate success stories 

-Difficult application means scammers can’t get through, but…


-It also makes it very difficult for women to register

-Bad customer service 


Elena’s Models has been one of the longest-running Russian dating sites and was actually set up by a woman who met and married a western man. There are a lot of great success stories of men meeting women and having a family together – sounds great, right? Well, yes and no. No site is perfect, but despite being in business for a long time it hasn’t been enough time for Elena’s Models to iron out the kinks. 

The site has several different membership levels starting at $19 for basic functions and goes up to $100 a month for the Ultimate Membership. The site is buggy (told me to log in because there had been no activity for an hour after I’d been on it for 30 seconds) and people report a lot of bad experiences with their customer service. 

One of the biggest pros and cons of the site is how difficult it is for women to get accepted. See, while the stringent application process makes scammers on the site practically non-existent, it also deters real women from joining when they are constantly turned away for the slightest issue. Overall, the site is legit, but not without its problems. 

Verdict: 3.5 out of 5 



-Genuinely free to join and use 

-Earn (instead of pay for) more credits for being an active user


-Social networking instead of traditional dating site 

-1 free contact daily (you only pay if you want to) 

-Optional paid tier (starting at just $9.99 per month)

-They don’t hide their contact information 


-Relatively new

-A smaller number of members 

Intrigu doesn’t have the years of history the other sites on this list have, but it also doesn’t come with the problems. Intrigu has just over 35,000 members (at the time of writing) and focuses on activity and interaction instead of individual messages. 

Perhaps the best thing about Intrigu is the fact that it is a genuinely free Russian dating site, which rewards members for their activity, giving them more opportunities to meet and talk to people for free. In other words, you only pay for something if you want to, not because you have to. Their premium membership options are incredibly affordable, and even their top level is less than the lowest level of the other sites mentioned on this list. 

Reports of customer service are positive, as are the reviews. If you’re looking for a free Russian dating site to get started on and not be locked into outdated (and expensive) dating sites, this is the site for you. 

Verdict: 4.5 out of 5 

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Have you ever have had a situation when you're dating a girl and you always call first. It's one thing when she does not call after the first date, and quite another if she never writes or calls first.One can get an impression that she is indifferent towards the relationship and if you stop calling, then you simply disperse. But then you also notice that when you call her, she is very responsive, asks questions and says she was very glad you called. If you're asking her to meet up, she agrees and everything seems fine. So why does not she ever call or write first?All a matter of principle she thinks that man always makes the first call - the first to invite on a date, first kiss, first love confession, etc. She thinks that if she would call first, then she would violate the principles of which are laid out in her brain since childhood :)So what to do if she is not writing or callingNothing! First, there is nothing we can do about it. Personally I think it's a good thing, because you can call her only when you are interested in a conversation or have time to meet up. We all have our own business (work study , friends, fun , etc.) And if a girl calls you by the hour after a while it becomes quite distracting. I am very pleased when I come across this type of girls . Why long conversations on phone for hours? It takes a lot of time and isn't it better to meet up and chat in person?
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