What if your girlfriend is lying to you?

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Life is a funny thing, and not always everything happens exactly as we dream. Sometimes there are situations when one person goes towards the other, as it seems, it is not deserved. Although we will not delve into the causes of such situations, but only look at one of them. Cheating unfortunately frequent occurrence in modern society, and yet it does not concern us personally - we try not to analyze these issues. And in vain! And in today's article we will try to parse the most popular reasons for cheating, methods and ways of solving this problem. Especially if you caught myself thinking that "she deceives me," and you need to solve this issue.

What is the reason?Before you tackle any issue, first, is to understand the reasons of ego arise. Therefore it is wise to begin our story with the search for an answer to the question why she deceives me? And only the understanding response to the occurrence of this very fundamental reason, we will be able to move on! And now away lyrical introduction start looking at the most popular reasons.

Disrespect towards you

Here, as everywhere else you have to work on yourself, especially if you wish to achieve the expected results. So, if you have stopped the process of development and improvement, sooner or later, in her eyes lose the respect that it is hardly included in your plans. Therefore, constantly working on himself, becoming multiple personality, bringing yourself to a happy life - we reduce the chance of "falling" into the girl's eyes and automatically get rid of the most common problems in a relationship! This - a scenario of disrespect to you.And the second - is more painful, and not just fix it. In this regard, I would advise you dear friend not to get into it, so as not to complicate your life, and the girl, then correcting the problem created. 

The second scenario occurs during dating, dating and the process of rapprochement. And it is important not to let the girl is more than she can, she felt that your defence behind him and knew that you control the process. On the other hand it must feel your freedom, your respect for her opinions, affection, care, and all the basic needs of the people in the conversation. Of course, here, as in the first case, important to constantly work on yourself. It was only the experience gained in practice, be able to save you from such errors. A girl with whom you build a relationship, you will be respected. And that means - a chance to hear a lie on her side, it would be much less!

Distrust towards you

The second and very popular reason for cheating on the lips of a girl can be distrust you. To avoid falling into a similar situation, I would suggest to all the guys to be as sincere and natural, from the moment of dating and so on throughout the whole communication. Often the guys have certain basic facilities (not always true, but in most cases completely untrue!), Demonstrating that they will increase your chances of a successful introduction. An example of such an incorrect setting, can be, for example, the installation of "all the girls carried on the money and status." With this setting, the guy will eat at every opportunity to emphasize their status or financial superiority, even if the average student.

The girls are very sensitive and will notice most unnatural Man. Of course, it could be quite a lot, and even the fines (in your view!) Can become like a bell for the girl. The result here is simple - you need to be as natural and honest. Otherwise, all your good bluff will not be counted for the attempted deception and she is psychologically will be closed. And you need it?

Inner fear and education

The reason for cheating can be not only in you. But, all the same, this option can not be dismissed. Often the inner fear is influenced by the unsuccessful experience with the representatives of the male gender (boys and relatives), and depending on how it was negative, it will form a general picture about the male sex in general. In this case, you should be able to listen to it carefully and understand. The fact that she will not reveal to you at once, no matter how well you did not conduct himself. But progressively, step by step, it will reveal the secrets of their experiences. If you're willing to fight for it, then you have to learn to listen, understand and support.

Also, no less popular cause of deception can be education. Here, there are two basic lines of behavior of the girl. In the first case she is lying because of shame, she just frightening and frustrating to admit this or that act, because she is sure that very few people can understand and support. In - the second is much harder, it just says that only behaving like a bitch, you can keep your interest. Strange as it may sound there are many girls who believe in the correctness of this assertion. And they continue to lie, to be a two-digit and insincere, as in the education of people close to her convinced loyalty to such thinking.

What to do?

And only now, when we found out the reason for her behavior - can be fed to solve a similar problem. In principle, the basic ways of solving one reason or another have been discussed above and, therefore, are short and basically summarize what to do if a girl is me (you) is cheating.As you have already seen that constant self-education, multiple personalities, expand their interests and build a happy life, in most cases, will save you from all kinds of fraud. Also, do not forget to be a true and sincere with the girl during the whole period of communication!And most importantly - you must clearly and consciously understand what it is all you need.Is it worth it to endure, seek common ground and understanding or near already have another girl that can really make you happy?

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