Why don’t men get married? Why don’t men propose?

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In this article I’d like to consider some causes of men’s thinking about a marriage.

1. An influence of other people’s relationships.A man looks at the relationships of his parents and makes a conclusion about a marriage. If a man thinks that his parents’ marriage was not so harmonious, he decides to not make any steps toward marriage. And, vice versa, happy marriage of his parents makes him brave enough to create his own family. One more influential group is friends and media. Friends share their own frightening experience about the mutual relationships. At the same time there are many TV shows where participants are focused mainly on problems and difficulties of family life. This acts as a scaring suggestion.

2. Fear of responsibility (Wikipedia)What is responsibility? It is a personal characteristic which allows a person to analyze a situation, predict the consequences of any action, make a choice and be ready to accept any effects caused by a decision. For most men, responsibility is linked with a negative emotion or experience. For example, a boy took responsibility to help his parents but something went wrong and he broke a thing. Let’s look at the parents’ reaction. If they criticize a boy, he feels embarrassed and doesn't want to take an initiative to help them next time. On the other hand, if parents give their child a chance to deal with this situation, he tries to analyze what was wrong and becomes responsible for the next decisions.

3. It is early yet In this case a man understands that his financial level is not sufficient enough to provide his own family with all necessary things. Therefore, he is over concerned with consequences and blocks himself to make any important decisions. Moreover, if his childhood brings only negative memories when parents quarrelled because of unstable financial level, a man decides to avoid the situation when his children undergo the same negative experience. 

4. A fear to lose freedom.A man likes to feel free even when he is in love. It is common that a woman becomes extremely carrying and this scares a man because it seems to him that he is under supervision 24 hours. Furthermore, a man does not want to quit his friendship and hobbies. Also, it is annoying to give the answers for such questions as “where are you?”, “who you were with?”, why didn't you answer when I called?” and so on. It is reasonable for a man to ask himself: how it is going to be after marriage, if now it is so restricting? 

5. A fear to make a mistake.Often a man hesitates before making a significant change in his life: he understands that to get married means to change his life for the next following years. What to do if it is wrong decision and there is a possibility to meet someone better? A man accepts this as a norm when partners live together in order to know each other better. The problem is that this process often takes long time and becomes the reason #6.

6. What is difference?Usually women accept marriage as a guaranty of stable relationships in the future, while a man sees this as a formality only. A man can probably think “Why do we need to change anything, if we enjoy being together anyway?”Dear ladies! Now it is a time for you to ask yourselves some questions.

- Do you allow your partner to take a responsibility in any situation?

- What is your strategy in a case when your partner made a mistake?

- Do you know about your partner’s hobbies?

- How much time does he spend with his friends?

- Do you restrict his freedom?

- Has your man an opportunity to grow financially when he lives with you?

And one more question. The main one. WHAT ARE YOU TO YOUR PARTNER AND TO YOURSELVES?

Now you know about some reasons why men don’t rush to get married. You can either make the man’s fears stronger or wait for the proposal of marriage for a long time, or you can influence this process positively. What would you choose?

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Aug 20 '16
I enjoy reading this )))
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