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ricardosp Premium
ricardosp Jul 28 '16
I was chatting to this girl online and she said tat she is still a virgin. I find it hard to believe. Is she trying to impress me or something?
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_ekaterina_ Extra
_ekaterina_ Feb 7 '17

It is unlikely that she was trying to impress you. Maybe it's you and surprise. But is there a law that says all, at what age to lose virginity? Everyone who decides when and who should do it. Among my girlfriends at this age, too, were a virgin. Interestingly, though, at what stage of correspondence, it is said to you.

Cesar Feb 17 '17
I actually know quite a few men and women who have saved themselves for marriage. It is rare these days but not unheard of. I find more classic/moral oriented women in Russia than anywhere else. Part of the reason I love their women.
Waldo Mar 20 '17
Russian women who come from high moral homes will be virgins until they marry. The same is true with German women. It is not unheard of to meet women in their 20's and even 30's who are still virgins. 
Johnpaul Premium
Johnpaul Apr 19 '17
Have you ever done research on models? I a lot of Russian runway models are virgins till they are 25+ because they respect tradition. It is not that hard to believe. Heck, I dated one. She refused to have intercourse but we did other things which was more than enough for me.
flyrunners Jun 9 '17
cultural things, some living in certain cultures adhere more to old school and some not. 
Firestorm Jun 12 '17
Possible 100%, give respect to women and get respect in return. 
Shaia Jun 12 '17
Quote from ricardosp I was chatting to this girl online and she said tat she is still a virgin. I find it hard to believe. Is she trying to impress me or something?
I do not care about those things but I can tell you that you should ask yourself if you gave her the impression that virginity is important to you
Leandro Jun 26 '17
A lot of women who come from traditional households will still be virgins in their 20's. I have a friend who is a Russian woman. She did not have sex till she married for the first time. She actually married a work friend of mine. We met and things didn't click but he was there with us. 
JonathanClark Jul 20 '17
If she says she isnt then she probably isnt its tradition.
Vher Jul 4 '17
My best friend growing up was a female and she told me when she was 8 she is saving herself for marriage. She didn't know what it meant till her teens but stuck it out. She got married at 26 and was a virgin for her husband. It is not common but it does happen. It depends on how they were raised like mentioned above.
Cecil Jul 24 '17
She is a virgin if she said so.....
Dean Premium
Dean Aug 7 '17
I have spoken to many different women on and offline who were indeed virgins. This includes Russian women as well. I am divorced so I have experienced what it is like to be with someone who has never had sex before. You can tell by their body language and how they speak online. It is not hard to believe someone who is 25 has never had sex. 
java Premium
java Nov 18 '17
This one woman I knew had not has sex her entire life and she was in her 40's. She was not Russian which makes this even more impressive. She was fit, beautiful, and took care of herself. When I asked why, she said no man has been worth her body yet. So yes, some women can wait a long time by choice alone and it isn't that hard to believe. 

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