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petorix Premium
petorix Aug 27 '16
Is it acceptable in Russia when a man is say 10 years older than the woman he's dating?
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natusechka Oct 31 '16
The relationship in which the man over the woman 10 - 12 years, widespread not only in Russia but also in Ukraine and Belarus. So it's definitely acceptable. The main thing - to tell each other the truth. Do you agree?
iriskiskis Jan 3 '17
Speaking about the age difference in a relationship, many involve a difference in 5 - 10 years. Now, it seems, is becoming the norm, even a big difference than what you're talking about. If this difference is large enough for both partners, you will not see any problems. The main thing - to tell each other the truth, even with respect to age.
Carl7 Premium
Carl7 Sep 12 '16
Older men dating younger women is a thing that goes in hand with power, wealth, and good looks. If you have one of these things, or even two or all three, you can easily date a younger woman and no one would think otherwise. The only time it would be frowned upon is if the man is MUCH older and rich. The woman would be viewed as a gold digger.
timmy Feb 24 '17
Older men date younger women all over the world these days. Many relationships in Russia you will see much older men. A lot of women want to settle down young where the men do not. That is why older men are often a better choice.
Benjamin Mar 10 '17
This is a non-issue. They don't care if the man is older or young so long as there is something there. Depending on the woman, some will enjoy the company of an older man. Some may desire someone younger. I don't think age is of an issue with them.
Niel Premium
Niel Apr 25 '17
I don't know of age being an issues from these women at all. I have known some in their 20's to date men in their 40's and 50's as well as some in their 40's dating 20 something men. 
flyrunners Jun 9 '17
Age is of no issue in any relationships in my opinion. As long as there is trust and honesty in it and compromise, then relationships will be long lasting. Age is just a number and maturity can be ageless
Firestorm Jun 12 '17
Doesn't matter !!!
Rossie May 21 '17
Age is something that seldom matters to Russian woman. The one lady I am speaking to now said she has dated as young as 10 years below her and as many as 20 years older. She said that they have their own qualities she enjoyed. 
Clinton Sep 17 '17
As mentioned, age is but a number to Russian women. Someone I worked with in the past (moved to another state) was engaged to a Russian lady, very beautiful and friendly. She was 28 and his age? He was 52. 
Romanos Premium
Romanos Oct 11 '17
Some women I have spoken with online and while staying in Russia do have a preference of age. It seems most would like someone in their 30's or early 40's. Even the ones in their 20's agree with this.  
ArthurB Premium
ArthurB Nov 21 '17
Age is but a number to many women. I have seen some who said they would never date someone 5 years older, and end up marrying men 10+ years older. I think it is easier for women to date older than men. Seems to be a stigma. 
Marky Mar 13 '18
It depends. Some women will find it offensive for a much older man to ask them out or a much younger man. I think if the charm and looks are in order, and the man asking has everything she needs, it is more likely not to be an issue. 
slv69420gmale May 8 '18
most dont mind the age difference as long as your going to bring them to america  they will accept any age
anomicaatlivese Jul 9 '18
I don't think age difference needs to be a problem. I'm 51 and if my partner is 25, 35, 45 or 55 really doesn't matter as long as we want the same things. If she wants to go to nightclubs 5 nights a week and I don't, or I want to stay at home all the time and she doesn't, then we will not function together. To many women, in many cultures, an older man is seen as more dependable and less likely to be unfaithful. I don't know if its true but I can understand the thinking.
Sammy Premium
Sammy Mar 5 '19
Most people in all areas of the world are okay with men marrying younger women but yet they seem to have a problem the other way around. I guess this is because of the stigma of dating an older woman and having to raise children that aren't yours. 

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