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Arek Premium
Arek Jul 12 '16
I noticed that many Russian women do not use glasses. I am not sure if this is because they have better eyesight or they prefer contacts. In many other countries like Japan, UK, Canada, and the US it is considered cute to sexy to wear them. Are glasses not so common in Russia on women?
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timmy Feb 7 '17
Many women in Russia actually have what is considered poor eyesight. Not many of them actually get glasses to help/fix the problem. When they do come to the US, in many cases they come to learn they needed glasses and often times will get them (or contacts). 
Bradley May 1 '17
No they are not. One lady I took out when was visiting France had trouble seeing signs and menus and everything. I asked her if she wears glasses and she didn't know what I meant. 
Krizza May 27 '17
I have never been with a Russian princess who had them. I have been with some who should have used them or at the very least contacts. As mentioned, it is not a common thing people get corrected over there.
Esteban Premium
Esteban Jul 2 '17
I honestly never really though about it but now that you mention it, I hardly see any Russian men or women with them, specially women though. Maybe they don't like them or maybe many of them have good sight? Not too sure. 
Jeffrey Sep 10 '17
Yes and no.I guess more woman there just prefer not to use them at all and they don't commonly wear contacts like we do in America. There is also the option for surgery so some women who come from money likely get their eyes corrected that way.
Artur Premium
Artur Oct 19 '17
I never really paid much attention to be honest with you. I guess if a woman is having trouble seeing and doesn't wear glasses, you would not know unless you knew her on a more personal level.
koi_6 Dec 11 '17
It is funny you say this but thinking about it, I don't remember ever seeing a Russian woman wearing them. I guess they either have very good genes or just aren't aware they need them. 
Andrew Premium
Andrew Mar 28 '18
Their medical care isn't the same as other places in the world. Something like "good eyesight" is not something people really put a lot of pressure on. Some don't even know they have bad vission. 
Jas0n Mar 18 '19
I wanted to say that I finally did meet a Russian gal with glasses! My cousin met her online and she came here to meet him in person. Very lovely lady too. Beautiful and her glasses look great on her.
1rainman Sep 11
They don't have good genes. I can see good up close but not far away. Playing volleyball with Russian Ukrainians born and raised in America. A guy comes up. I could see who it was with my bad eyesight. The others could not. Almost all of them near sighted can't see far away. 
ZhannaZhanna Yesterday, 19:29
In Russia, just like in other countries, people with not very good eyesight wear glasses, maybe you just came across more such people in those countries than in Russia)) I do not argue that many people prefer contact lenses than glasses, because someone just doesn’t like the way the glasses look on his or her face, but this is up to each person personally))

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