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wolfV Premium
wolfV Aug 17 '16
I know this is a strange question but it seems like it terms of openness and having a good time, they are. I am not sure about the attitudes though. It seems most American women have a poor attitude and talk down to their men after so long.
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timmy Feb 5 '17
Russian women do enjoy having a good time but they are not as hot-heated or stubborn as American women. You are right in that American women do tend to talk down to their men and this is acceptable. Look at the television programs for examples. A lot of them feature women being the boss over men.
NicolasFR May 5 '17
They are more easy to relax. If they are upset they may get loud or scream but you can easily talk them down. American women are NUTS! I have dated a few when I spent time in the states. If you get on one's bad side watch you... They plan things and come after you for payback. Russian women do not typically do this. They just get upset and keep their angry inside or cry it out like a romance film.
Maki Premium
Maki May 29 '17
Not really. Not in my experience anyways. I don't think it is a fair comparison though. Russian women can be just as loud and mean but they tend to be more forgiving and easier to live with. They wont yell at you for being sloppy either. 
170520 Premium
170520 Dec 16 '17
I find the differences to be more in terms of desires. American women seem to focus on partying, buying nice things, their careers, ect. and eventually get invested in family and having children. Russian women are all about having a family.
Damien Feb 19 '18
There are differences you will notice the more time you talk to them and the more time you spend with them. Western Culture is easy to adapt to but when you live in that, you will notice differences with people from other parts of the world more easily.
man2635 Premium
man2635 Aug 21

Russia is one of the world’s largest countries with a diverse landscape and culture. There are plenty of things to do and see.

Russian women are beautiful. You might think that because they come from Eastern Europe, they will look like Eastern European people. But you would be wrong! Some of the most famous models in the world are actually Russian women.

They also seem to care about their appearance more than other cultures. Women in Russia put a lot more effort into how they look every day than many other cultures.

1rainman Aug 21
Russian, Ukrainian women are cuter on average but you have good looking and ugly in American or Russian people. It's just a difference in averages. Russian women are better at dressing sexy and flirting. So an average looking girl may seem beautiful simply because of clothes. Divorce is rare in east Europe. Those are the positives.

Negatives are virtually everything. They lie all the time. More rude, less considerate. Even if she has boyfriend flirting with others most likely. Not much interest in relationship, only thinks about sex and doesn't care about your feelings. Russians are cold hearted and self centered typically. This is why their nations are usually poor. 

Also the men are jealous of non Slavic guys getting their girls. Maybe if the woman is really poor you have a chance. Otherwise her dad will try to break you up or other guys try to make problems.

I spent most my life here in Florida where half the people are Russian or Ukrainian. The stuff people write on here is pure fantasy told online to sell people bride tours. Russian women are selfish and argumentative. She will be dating you but running around half naked flirting with every guy she sees and posting pictures of her butt online even after you ask her not to. Just use your head if Russians are so civilized and superior why is their country so poor? A lot of Americans are also stupid same as Russians but I would say Americans are more civilized, more considerate, more honest, more respectful
1rainman Aug 21
For me personally I look the same as a typical Slavic man. So the Slavic women usually show more interest than other women. Also they are beautiful. They usually start speaking Russian to me. But when I tell them I'm American and from British and German ancestry there is a problem. This is strange because most slavs are mixed with asian, Jewish, Greek, German etc. So you are better off lying and say your ancestors were Russian or something (if it is believable). The Russian women and men have a huge ego. Even if they are a total loser usually consider themselves superior to everyone else. At the same time they are also insecure. Americans are more laid back, easier to deal with, more open. Russian and Ukrainians don't trust strangers. Most are in a shell. They have family killed in the Soviet union, poverty, drug use, alcoholism. Besides this they are naturally unstable mentally even in perfect conditions. Slavic women have massive baggage that Americans don't have. And in terms of raw beauty Germany, Sweden, lots of European nationalities also beautiful like Russian. 

I will look for a woman either American or Russian or whatever I can find. I suppose maybe due to poverty in east Europe there may be good opportunities with women there but immigration is difficult. As an American of north European ancestry I. Don't feel there is much difference between myself or any north European nationality. By contrast dating Asians or something it's a larger cultural and racial difference. Similarly a Russian is not much different from a white American culturally. Some differences but not as large. I feel there is a bigger culture gap between white and black Americans than between Russian and white American. There are exceptions such as white people who adopted black culture or blacks with white culture. I would not date a Russian woman because she is more submissive or open. It's the opposite they are more in an emotional she'll and fight more compared to American women. I look for a woman anywhere I can get her if I like her and she likes me. And the Slavic women are really cute. Also for me it is very easy to know if a Slavic woman likes you. She will look at you a certain way or staring. It is more difficult to know if an American girl likes you. The body language is harder to interpret at least for me. Online I guess it's easier if a girl writes you she is interested.

You shouldn't ask which girl is more nice, or respect you more. Instead ask which type are you compatible with. Probably if a girl is disrespecting you then it is something you are doing wrong. Russian women will show you a lot more disrespect simply because you aren't the same nationality. Maybe a few exceptions. You maybe have an advantage if you approach a girl without money but being a foreigner is a disadvantage with Slavic women. 
ZhannaZhanna Sep 9
In all respects, there are disagreements; after a few years of marriage, some couples have disagreements, misunderstandings, quarrels and conflicts. Someone can not stand it and leave, while someone resolves conflicts together and come to common solutions. Many people lose their feelings after a year of communication, and someone, on the contrary, more and more wants to be with this person. Mentality and upbringing also play an important role, in different nations such situations occur in different ways and are solved in different ways)

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