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DarioAU Sep 19 '16
Many of the Ukrainian women I met were frauds. In the end it always turned out that they just wanted money and were not interested in a genuine relationship. Can ladies on this site comment on this?
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19821982 Oct 1 '16
I am sure that you too early to draw conclusions about Ukrainian women. Not all of them are equally bad, among them there are a lot of good girls. Unfortunately, you had to give up some of them, but I think that you will find on the site and those women who are looking for just a serious relationship.
single_man Premium
single_man Oct 10 '16
I'm sure it was just a bad streak of luck. When I was in Ukraine all women I met were warm-hearted and genuine. I have to say that sometimes I had the impression that some of the girls are quite well off, considering the state of affairs in the country now. I guess if you chose your acquaintances carefully you can avoid getting introduced to ladies that are only interested in getting into your pocket ;)
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anastasiastavickaya Extra
anastasiastavickaya Jan 31 '17

It is a pity that your experience with Ukrainian women began with such representatives. Not all women of Ukraine look in the purse to the man. Many of these are actually searching for, a serious relationship, built on trust and love. I am sure that you will find one that will be exactly as you expect. Especially in recent years among the Ukrainian women a lot of lonely, but enough independent financially women.

timmy Feb 22 '17
I think some may not be as open to settling down at a younger age as others but most do look forward to having families and husbands. I would not right these women off over a few bad ones. Don't let them spoil it for you.
Bertrand Premium
Bertrand Mar 11 '17
As mentioned, I am sure some women aren't honest or real. This can be the case in any country - at any place in the world. A lot of times, it is to no fault of their own. You owe a woman you fancy the chance to see if she is or not.
Steve Apr 24 '17
All women can cheat and lie. I think that the statistics of these women doing that are less as they are helpless romantics and crave a true bond with a man. Part of the reason I think we all seem to want one! haha
Alfonse Premium
Alfonse Jun 2 '17
I agree with Steve. It depends on the individual woman and while they all have traits we look for when dating a specific nationality, they are all capable of being cheaters. 
wassimto Premium
wassimto Nov 10 '17
Women are women. Some will lie, some will be honest. Most are somewhere in between. We all lie about something from time to time, they should never be more than a white lie or it becomes an issue.
Celestin Premium
Celestin Feb 15 '18
Any woman from anywhere can be genuine if they want. I won't say all are and I won't say all aren't. Like mentioned above, women are women. I find that you learn more about them once you engage in more conversations. 
Annabelle Extra
Annabelle May 15 '19
They can be but they can also be very insensitive and mean. I find most are more likely to be honest and genuine when trust is established early on. 
TerryStern Jan 28

I've been on dating sites looking for a Ukrainian woman now for 3 years, all I've found are women who want to talk, chat, write letters, but never meet unless gifts are sent first. I've also used Yandex to look up women's pictures that they send...I've found many are escorts, instagram models and work for adult chat sites. These sites are big business in the Ukraine.

I'm not sure what to expect...I haven't given up hope, but I don't have much faith anymore that the women on these sites are legitimately seeking love.

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