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Maxoo Premium
Maxoo Oct 12 '16
I know most woman in other countries get married between the ages of 25 and 35. How is this is Russian. Do Russian women like to be married sooner or later in life - and what do they expect? Big weddings, small weddings, ect ect?
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timmy Feb 12 '17
They tend to marry young so they can have children at younger ages. The thought behind this is that they will have more time to care for them and be a part of their lives. Most will not have children till they are married as well.
Ezra Mar 27 '17
I think it is around 35. That seems to be the age most want to start their families around. Some prefer it to be older, like 40 to 45 in age for kids but marriage, mid 30's sounds about right. 
NicolasFR Apr 14 '17
I see a lot of younger women getting married these days when it comes to places like Russia. Less skilled or educated tend to marry younger where as more educated and skilled in a specific trade will marry older as they like their focus to be on their career. I think 28 is the average age. 
Jared Premium
Jared Jun 27 '17
More women would prefer to marry young than older, I think it is frowned upon in most countries that a woman be over 35 and not yet married. Russian women like fairy tale endings and love stories so big weddings is usually something they dream about.
Aike Sep 15 '17
My own female Russian friend I speak to almost daily on Skype openly told me she has been ready for marriage since she was 16. The reason she had not ever been married was because she couldn't have children so a lot of men find that unacceptable. She is planning to move to America next year. 
jesserie Extra
jesserie Oct 12 '17
Most dream of a big wedding. Very few want to be married old. I would say most would be happy to be married before the age of 30. They want to be that "blushing bride". 
James_M Premium
James_M Dec 1 '17
I would say 32 is the latest ideal age. Most women don't want to be in their mid to late 30's getting married, anywhere. They want to be youthful like a princess. Russian women want to feel stunning. 
Cavin Premium
Cavin Mar 7 '18
Many believe that women should be married with kids by the age of 25 over there. I think this is part of the reason so many women are shamed if they are single in their 30's and we see so many late 20's as well as 30 and 40 somethings online. 
slv69420gmale May 8 '18
all ages there no cap on it
sihaya8 Feb 20 '19

I often communicate with girls and many want to get married early, but there are those who want to live for themselves and are not in a hurry to get married. I'm also in no hurry to get married, but I meet girls, there is the inner circle dating review through which you can make acquaintances and chat with different girls.

Andrew Premium
Andrew Feb 18 '19
I think it depends on the woman herself. I have found women from all areas of the world to enjoy marrying young while many others choose to live out their youth not tied down to one man or they prefer to focus on a career.

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