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timmy Mar 31 '16

I am thinking about what the best way is to meet Russian women. Is it better to first meet them online and start messaging them for a few months and then arranging for trip to Russia to meet in person? Or is it better to just travel to Russian and meet girls there? What is a good place to meet ladies in Russia?

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single_man Premium
single_man Mar 31 '16
I'd probably get to know a few ladies online and then meet them all in person when In Russia. That way you could pick and choose :) Also it saves you precious time when you are physically there. I.e. you won't have to be looking for girls and already have a few dates lined up. 

Not sure about best places to meet girls there. Perhaps try a cafe or a night club? From what I'm hearing Russian women are very approachable. Also the fact that you are a foreigner helps a lot :) 

Just be careful to not fall into some sort of scam i.e. if a girl approaches you herself be extra cautious. It is best if you initiate a conversation, that way you know it is definitely a normal girl, who is not on a prowl to scam you for money.

Eugeniia Jun 27 '16
I think using facebook rusdian profiles is a good idea too, it is for free at least :) 
Natalo4ka Aug 14 '16
It is better to meet in person I think. But using website is good for long distance chat and meet people from new countries. May be if thy come later to my country we can meet.
Natalo4ka Aug 14 '16
Do you agree?
timmy Feb 27 '17
Thanks for your replies everyone. I agree that using online options is best. With my experience, getting to know a lady online as best you can before meeting is ideal.
benb Jun 20 '17
Yes Online works well, specially now. Just about 15 years ago, people were still very funny about it. It wasn't a common thing. I think 2010 onward it became more common and less strange to hear about. I would estimate that by 2025, 70% of relationships will begin online.
leavesfall Aug 14 '17
There're many services but with Russian girls. If you never met them then better to speak with them online and after that in real life. But online discussion and real are different things. 
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Jabel Aug 31 '17
I just have to ask why they love forein man
Brett Aug 6 '17
Online meeting tends to be easiest. You can meet via social media or you can specifically go on dating sites for Russian Women. I guess it depends on what you are looking for. Someone more serious you should seek out common interests and go from there but casual dating, dating sites and places like Facebook seem to work best. 
Johny23 Nov 17 '17
Online is easiest as mentioned but it can be lacking in terms of finding someone to settle down with. It depends on where you meet them online as well. I feel doing it naturally works best but dating sites have been proven to have value. 
Zaireck Premium
Zaireck Mar 15 '18
Meeting in person will always be the best but since most people are in other countries, it kind of makes that expensive to do. Online is obviously a good way to get around that. 
slv69420gmale May 8 '18
have a pocket full of money is the best way
Andrew Premium
Andrew Mar 10 '19
LOL money certainly does help! I mean just for traveling alone. The best place to meet them is in Russia for obvious reasons. 
fiooos May 22 '19
You should not be too persistent during online dating with a girl. If she cannot find time to meet you when you want you should not offer her a number of variants, just ask her openly when she will have such a possibility. If time is ok for you and you decide to meet her, just remind her of a place of the meeting and say goodbye. It should sound positive. Having agreed on a date, finish your telephone call, the one who called should be the first put the receiver.
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Martincop Jul 11 '19
do both! getting on websites but as an experienced traveler - it is usually pretty easy to meet and get to know locals when you travel. When you travel it is actually easier to meet and get to know other travelers too. 

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