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IntrigU Aug 27 '17

If you have an existing PayPal account and are keying in the details of a card already linked to your account whilst logged out from PayPal, your payment may be rejected. We recommend that you complete the purchase by logging in to PayPal and NOT as a guest user. 

If that does not resolve your issue and you are still receiving errors like "The transaction could not be completed. Please try again" or "Credit card not accepted." PayPal may be declining the credit card because:

- Not enough credit or funds are available on the card

- The card issuing bank wants to verify that the transaction is legitimate, and the card owner needs to approve the online transaction


- If the issuing bank needs to verify the credit card, you can contact the bank to request approval of the credit card's use.

- Alternatively, if you already have the credit card on your PayPal account, you can send the payment to our PayPal ID at [email protected] and we will grant you the membership/credits within 12 hours of payment receipt. 

- Otherwise, you can try adding a different credit card on your account and attempt the payment once more.

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