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Kamran Premium
Kamran Jul 29 '16
First thing that comes to mind when you think of Russia is vodka. It's obvious that russian men love third alcohol. What about Russian women, are they the same?
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karina04 Premium
karina04 Nov 3 '16
In any nation can be found drinking women. But Russian women do not drink vodka as Russian men. Russian women are stronger and more responsible, so they can not afford it.
zaja Nov 26 '16

Are you looking for a drinking woman or afraid to find such?

single_man Premium
single_man Aug 17 '16
From my understanding, only the younger crowds of women drink over there. As they get older, it is considered a bad thing to drink heavily and be out clubbing. I could be wrong but this is what I have read and noticed in a lot of videos, movies, and general chat with Russian women. 
timmy Feb 25 '17
Women do not drink vodka in Russia. It is considered unladylike and too manly of a drink. They enjoy champagne and wine which tends to be more expensive. This is why the men drink way more than the women.
Brant Premium
Brant Mar 9 '17
I think this is a stereotype. The women I have spoken with from Russia were always very sober minded and often looked down on heavy drinking. Maybe the younger crowds are more for this, I am not sure. I aim for 25+ in age.
Joshua Apr 26 '17
No they don't. Not unless you invite them to. It is something that goes with age. The younger they are the more likely they will go out with friends drinking though. But like I said in other threads, this is common in all areas of the world.
Shaia May 26 '17
What I know that I look at women profiles and see all the time "drinking-never", yet those women are likely to post their pictures seating in a bar.

So dear, if you never drink, why do you hang around the bottles? 

Marcel May 22 '17
Nope. They drink much less than women in America for example. I have dated enough of both to know. They can control themselves and it is a beautiful thing!
Dean Premium
Dean Jul 1 '17
I have dated a handful and only one of them liked to drink a lot. She was a bit of a party girl and very immature. It did not last long with us. I think she was still in the rebel stage with her parents. It did not help she was 24 either.
Clinton Sep 11 '17
In comparison to America, no but in comparison to a casual drinker, moderately. 

I have not known a single Russian to NEED alcohol to be happy or have a good time but a lot of them love to sip on expensive drinks. Most arent looking to get drunk. 

jousephber Premium
jousephber Oct 19 '17
I would say they drink a moderate amount but the older ones drink far less than the women here in Canada. A lot of the women I know who are Canadians are quite heavy drinkers, some drinking for then us guys.
venlord Dec 9 '17
Any woman could drink a lot. I think it is a cheap stereotype based on crappy films if you ask me. I never met a single Russian woman with a drinking problem. 
Noctis Premium
Noctis Mar 30 '18
It depends on who you are talking to. As mentioned, the younger ones tend to drink much more but some don't drink at all. In comparison to other places, I think they are quite moderate. 
slv69420gmale May 8 '18
no but there men drink like fish and treat them like shit thats why they look for american men
PERSIK1234567 Extra
PERSIK1234567 Dec 9 '18
ViolettaKerch Extra
ViolettaKerch Feb 19
hm no
Luca Feb 19
Some enjoy drinking a lot socially but in terms of relationships, I believe they know when to cut back. I find that American woman are more vulgar and drink way more than Russian women do. Same here in Canada.  

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