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Shawn Dec 12 '17
This is something that has never really come up for me. I have not been around the block with loads of Russian women so to speak so I am curious if anyone knows. Is this something that is a big deal to them or is it something they don't care for nor celebrate? 
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Bradley Mar 26 '18
I have talked to a few who didn't even know what it was. I am not sure why or how this came to be. Most love celebrating and any reason to celebrate something makes them happy. 
Brett Mar 20
Some do, some don't but mostly they just love the idea of being surrounded by family, love, laughter, and good food. I think the same can be said for most women though. 
Helen_Love Extra
Helen_Love Sep 16
We do love Christmas so much!Especially it`s so good to celebrate it with someone you really love. Ohh how I want to find someone before next Christmas to celebrate it together...
elenmark Extra
elenmark Sep 19
Anyone by the chance planing trips to Russia for this Christmas ? 

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