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MarinaMarina Jun 16

Foreigners, how do you feel about the fact that the girl will be taller or older than you? Does it bother you?)

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1rainman Extra
1rainman Jun 25
No. I would prefer a younger girl so we can have a family. If there is no interest in kids then I guess it doesn't matter. But most women lose their looks at a young age. I occasionally see an older woman that looks good, but it's rare. So men go after young women mostly because they simply look better. 

Height also doesn't matter. But I rarely find a girl taller than me. Maybe someone from German or Scandanavian blood would be taller than me because they are tall people. Other ethnicities its almost impossible one will be taller. 

Ukrainian women, a lot of the men are the same height as me, though some are shorter. But 99% of the women are a lot shorter. I don't know why their women are so short. They always wear padding on their shoes to make themselves taller or wear high heels. It's even more weird because the men are normal height. But they are super cute so it's ok. 

But yes give me a big Scandanvian woman that is bigger than me. It's no problem if she is good looking. 

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