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Falcon Mar 29 '17
What are some things that Russian women seem to enjoy when taking out on dates? This is something I don't have a whole lot of experience with. I have asked but many of the women play it shy or leave it to me and ask what i would do.
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NicolasFR Apr 12 '17
Anything romantic. I am not even joking. I have dated a few Russian women and they like to be taken to and about the town like a princess. Do little things like buying her flowers, holding doors for her, pulling out the chair before sitting at a table... All these little things they LOVE. 
Rhea Jun 12 '17
The same way you see in the movies but a little bit more on the comedic side. They love to laugh. I find that a funny movie and a good meal is plenty to please them. A touch of flowers is always appreciated.
Julio Premium
Julio Jul 14 '17
I think it is best to just treat her like a queen. Not so much a princess as a princess needs rescuing but a queen, she is her own woman. She loves to be loved and doesn't like to be taken advantage of. 
Andrew Premium
Andrew Aug 23 '17
The same way you would any other woman. I think most women deep down want a romantic man who knows how to treat them. Little surprises, small romantic acts... As mentioned about, like you see in the movies. Don't be too forward either. Allow them to make some moves too or at least let you know if you are moving too fast.
Max82 Oct 29 '17
You want to do it the same way you would any other woman. Show them respect, be kind, show manners, and have a touch of romance in your back pocket. No need to lay it on thick. 
krowla Jul 28 '18
I agree, show respect and make make her laugh. It works a read it at https://easteubrides.com/
Lenka Feb 20
I like what Max82 added, you don't want to lay things on to thick. I have had experience with woman being put off by too much romance. 

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