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krystian Premium
krystian Jan 18 '17
I am a lover of food and I could not be in a long term or committed relationship with a woman who does not know how to do these things. Not to say she has to do all the cooking and baking, but she has to know how to for when we decide to have children. I don't want my kids growing up instant noodles or anything. 
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timmy Feb 14 '17
Russian women use cooking and baking as a way to show their love to their partner. The more they cook and the longer the meals take, the more appreciative they are of their man. This is certainly not the case for all of them but many.
Thomas Mar 23 '17
VERY well! I have had some home cooked meals in Russia that were out of this world! Remember the average housewife in America in the 1920's and 30's? They would cook big meals and such from scratch. It is just like that and then some.
NicolasFR Apr 16 '17
If the Russian you are dating doesn't know how to cook well, mention it to her to learn and she will. I am serious. Not many of them will be as serious as others about it but the effort will be put in. I know most learn to cook from a young age and what they make is incredible! 
Jeramy Premium
Jeramy Jun 14 '17
I can't say. I haven't had many cook for me long term. Most cases, we would just eat out and she was fine with that. I guess they are taught the basics and learn fast if they were raised by a mother who taught them well.
Johnrey Sep 16 '17
It depends. I have known some to not know a simple task of making pancakes and others who can cook a 5 course meal. One thing I will say is that a lot of them are willing to learn and improve their skills to please a man.
Danny17 Sep 30 '17
Russian women cook splended and they also bake amazing.
Andrew Premium
Andrew Oct 9 '17
In my experience.. The younger ones are coin flip depending on their background but the mid to older age ones are VERY good at cooking. A lot of them can seemingly make almost anything perfectly. 

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