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Daniel Feb 18 '17
I am not sure if this is a stereotype of these women or not but it seems that many of them enjoy partying and going out to clubs. The ones in my age range anyways. I don't want to entirely believe that ALL Russian women are this way but how I have seen them in movies, TV, music, and so on... It sure seems they are painted in this way.
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timmy Feb 16 '17
I don't think it is partying so much as drinking. All Russians enjoy to drink. After a woman is married and starting a family, that changes for the most part. I guess the younger scenes can have heavier drinking but the older women enjoy alcohol in moderation and aren't as socially outgoing or in the night scenes as much.
Wilfred Mar 21 '17
I think this is more of a youth thing. I have never noticed any of the women I speak with NEEDING to be out and partying or anything. Must be a stereotype or something. I wouldn't go by what the media says either. 
NicolasFR Apr 18 '17
I think this is the case for most younger women from ALL countries. It is looked down on for women to be drunk off their butts in public. Many men find that repulsive there. 
Leandro Jun 10 '17
NOPE. If you do want them to enjoy it more, however, they will. I was dating a real beauty a few years back who would do whatever I wanted her to. When she came to stay with me in the UK, she would only drink when I drank. 
RobertoUSER Premium
RobertoUSER Nov 11 '17
I have been with some who did enjoy it but when you got to a serious talk, they all spoke about wanting to settle down. It is something they seem to enjoy "now" but if Mr. Right shows up, they give it up in a heart beat.
Steve Mar 18 '18
I wouldn't say they enjoy partying more. I think the women in the US (assuming you are from there) party a lot more and a lot harder. lol 
maemae Apr 2 '19
More than whom? I never understood these comparisons because they do this kind of stuff for just about every woman in the world depending on her origin. 
1rainman Extra
1rainman Aug 21 '21
Most Russians/Ukrainians I meet are shy. There are a few exceptions. They like to socialize more than Americans but this is usually with their family members or people they already know. I would say they are less out going than Americans. But there is also a big difference between country girls and city girls. The ones from the city are more outgoing, the ones from the country more shy. Majority of the people are from the country. 
ValeryValery Extra
ValeryValery Oct 16 '21
It seems to me that any girl, at least in her youth, loves parties, parties and various meetings with friends, because it is fun, interesting, and besides, at such events you can find new acquaintances)) If you look specifically about Russian girls, then I I think yes, Russian girls are very fond of parties. In the life of my friend there was a case when she was called to a party, she met a guy there, and in the end they have been together for 4 years)) They are happy))
iCandyApple May 25
In my experience I have always found Russian girls to be more adventurous and more on the wild side when out partying. I've  always had a great time taking the girls to raves, concerts and after parties. I think Russian girls are heaps cool to hang out with, and go clubbing/dancing/music/drinking and best of all hookup with the sexy wild ones, they really know how to have fun. Big fan!  

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