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grzegor Premium
grzegor Jul 26 '16
I have been corresponding with an ukrainian lady for a few days and yesterday she asked me what my salary was like. I mean this is considered rude by most people. Is it a common thing for a russian lady to ask this kind of question?
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19821982 Oct 1 '16

Ukrainian lady, perhaps, hastened to ask such a question. It is impolite in any country. So not all the ladies asked a question a few days later correspondence. The only thing it can be justified, as is that sooner or later the question would still sounded.

ljona Jan 26 '17
You are right, for most people it is considered impolite. At least at the beginning of a relationship is not permissible. Rather, this issue is already a serious relationship and build joint plans for the future. Sooner or later, you would come to this discussion. the only question is, how much you want to discuss their financial situation with this girl.
wassimto Premium
wassimto Feb 18 '17
I am not sure how it is viewed these days. I mean to me, as a man, I feel that asking this question is something that should be known to a woman who is seeking a serious relationship. If she works herself then there is no issue in asking. BUT if the woman is not working, she is obviously seeking for someone to care for her, not for a partner. 
timmy Feb 27 '17
Yes and no. I think it depends on the woman you are speaking of. Some are find with working while others prefer to be taken care of. 
Alezer Mar 7 '17
From my experience, all women like to have a stable income be it joined or just from the man. I see nothing wrong with that. Money is important to me and I want to make sure I am able to take care of the woman I am with but I do find that for some women, money is more important than love.
Frank May 4 '17
I would say that all women like the idea of their man having money. It is not something we need to beat around the bush about. I don't think women are selfish for this either. For centuries men were the providers and that is fine. 
Genrod Jun 26 '17
Take it from my current lover, she says that money is a great thing to have but it doesn't mean it will make great things out of nothing. In other words, if you don't have a good relationship with the man, you can't buy it. They like money for security but it is not as important to them as you would think.
cochabambinito Jul 20 '17
Anyway, it puts some garbage over these kind of sites, already suspicious for having other kind of interests (just business) and not making real relationships.
Clinton Jul 6 '17
My last love I was seeing, she was a beautiful Russian woman. Long legs, thick accent, just stunning. She looked like only dated millionaires and actually did for much of her life. She told me the older you get, the less concern you have for money, you just want love and a family. 
Kelvin Premium
Kelvin Sep 7 '17
I never seen money being an important factor in my relationships with these women. I can't speak for them but none of them ever came off to me as "needing" the person they are dating to have good money. 
lillooo Premium
lillooo Oct 21 '17
I don't ask unless they give me red flags of being a gold digger. Some are indeed after your money so you do have to be careful. Most don't seem to care and just want a husband, a home, and a family. 
Cesar Feb 14 '18
Money can be important to some women, and to other women not so much. I think it depends on the age and the upbringing. If they ask outright or make comments about money early on for no reason, it usually means they are hunting for someone to support them financially. 
Andrew Premium
Andrew May 18 '19
I would ask. I am not shy though. I want to know her stance on money, God, politics, and children. I don't like to beat around the bush. I am not getting any younger and don't want to invest years with a woman who isn't agreeable with important topics like these. 

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