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erkandis Premium
erkandis Aug 17 '16
A russian friend of mine told me that that there was a scandal recently when russian girls performed the twerk at a dance show. Is it conidered rude?
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anastasiastavickaya Extra
anastasiastavickaya Jan 18 '17
Rather, it looks vulgar. Although such dances like many, many girls dream to learn it, yet the Russian people are not yet ready to perceive such dances. This dance is perceived ambiguously, and maybe even quite clearly. So shake the booty only before a man who you really like.
Arthur Premium
Arthur Feb 18 '17
It seems like only trashy women do this in all countries. I am not saying that to be mean or rude but I have never met a classy woman who would do this kind of dancing in public. It is one thing to do it in private with your partner but to do it publicly, it is just vulgar and loose.
timmy Feb 17 '17
It is something that only loose women do in general. In some countries, like the US, it is viewed as acceptable for people in the music industry to do it but not the average women who work, go to school, ect. 
Reymart Mar 18 '17
This is something that disgusts even me and I am in the UK. I see a lot of the local girls doing this and it is part of the reason I am looking to another country for a woman. It is classless and trashy to say the least.
Andrew Premium
Andrew Dec 16 '17
I find it gross myself so I would imagine it is not accepted. I am not 100% sure but even here, it is looked down on. Very cheap/trashy women do it.
Helenka Jan 13
Vice versa! Russian girls love to attend classes in this type of dance! Not all of them, of course, but many young girls consider it beautiful, interesting, and most importantly, attractive!)) Well, from some side it is. True, many who are already older, but are especially good at this)) Well, as they say, not everyone will please))
1rainman Jan 20
One time a beautiful girl came up to me on the beach and started twerking in front of me and talking to me in russian.  I did not understand russian. I know she looked like a model but why she didn't talk to me first? Seemed dumb. And when I tell her I'm American her whole family and community would try to break us up. So I just ignored her.

But now that I'm older and basically spend my life single I realize I need to lower my expectations.  I really wish some hot woman would twerk in my face again. 

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