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Eugeniia Jun 27 '16
I wonder what attracts you in our women? And is it really possible to meet a guy not only for pleasant time spending, but for serious relations? Or you look here only for easygoing not-so-serious beautiful young ladies to spend some time with? 
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single_man Premium
single_man Aug 1 '16
I have always been attracted to Russian women. A few of my mates are married to Russian girls and I find that they are a lot more feminine and genuine than most women I meet in my home country. So naturally I am keen to meet someone like these girls I know to start a serious relationship and perhaps relocate them here...
Natalo4ka Aug 14 '16
Interesting :)
slv69420gmale May 8 '18
there more respectful and also more loving then american women
Corola Extra
Corola Jul 4 '19

— Бон джорно, Джанни! Позвольте узнать, с чего такой интерес к нам, россиянкам?

— Как только я впервые съездил в Москву как турист, сразу оценил красоту и элегантность русских женщин и понял: я влюблен! Женственность, элегантность, манера себя вести... В России женщины умеют быть женщинами, а мужчины — мужчинами. У нас, в Европе, увы, потеряны границы различий между полами... Иначе говоря, влюбленная русская женщина надежна и верна, не капризничает из-за мелких проблем. Хотя при этом определенная строптивость не исключается, не будем преувеличивать их покорность.

Olaportador Jun 4 '21
In general I am looking for something temporary here but if the option is given something serious
1rainman Extra
1rainman Aug 21 '21
Where I live we have a lot of Russians and Ukrainians. The girls are very cute, but most of them have personality problems. I try to date their dad usually make her marry a Slavic man. So I will go online and see if I can meet a beautiful girl.
1rainman Extra
1rainman Aug 21 '21
I can say very few girls Russia or Ukraine are interested in relocating to the United States. When I talk to these girls they want me to speak Russian and move to Siberia with them, which is not an option. Some women are interested only in money, of course if you wish to pay for them they will come to the USA. But I am not rich so this is not an option for me. Some of the Russian/Ukrainian women in the United States marry American men, but not many. The men seem very jealous if their women are dating an American.

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