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Kiwi4u Mar 25 '18
I have seen other dating sites, the ladies are truly gorgeous.
It seems with one of them that the site likes men to write many letters to ladies, so they make money from the men.
Do the ladies get paid from such sites to keep men writing to them, the longer men do the more the site makes.
On free sites I never see the ladies as gorgeous, meaning no disrespect, which leads me to think the main pay for sites have the ladies working for the site with no real intensions of men finding a real lady
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Andrew Premium
Andrew Mar 29 '18
I think there are a lot of scam sites out there. You have to know how to spot them. There is always that old saying - "If it seems too good to be true, that is because it probably isn't". A lot of sites will also "doll up" women to make them look more attractive and attract more men. 
slv69420gmale May 8 '18
tons on them and read  the sites rules and thing watch out for  love sars or what ever the sie may call them there only bots and they will write you telling you i want to hook up but to answer you have to upgrade and one you do Bam all the letters stop from them  was on a ste and i could not find one real woman
AlaIvanova Extra
AlaIvanova Mar 15
Yeah as mentioned, you have to worry about fake profiles as well. Just do some research to make sure you are not being fished along by a false hook. 

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