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alesia94 May 1 '16

I wrote this essay for my English assignment. Can someone check my English? Thank you!

Television as a part of our lives has become a very important means to obtain   variety of information and entertainment. However, I think that people spend too much time sitting in front of the screen and this  can be detrimental to  relationships and people’s  social activity.

First of all, television provides us with information which can be very useful and practical. For example, advertisements help us to know about new developments and trends especially in technology and medicine fields. Without this news it would be very difficult to orient in variety of goods which seem to be quite similar. Moreover, for most people the TV set is the first source of recent news about what current events around the world. 

On the other hand, young people, especially children, are spending time in front of a screen at an alarming rate. If parents are too absorbed by their daily routine or work responsibilities, they decide that the only way to keep children busy is to put on cartoons or other types of entertainment. 

However, parents do not take into consideration that kids become too addicted to such a kind of activities. This leads to a sedentary and inactive life style, which prevents youngsters from building strong relationships with peers and does not allow them to be a part of a community.

Another point which should be considered seriously is the negative impact of information delivered by television. This may influence people’s perception of real events. Moreover, because of the absence of strict  censorship, many TV programs and shows include the  information which can be harmful for both mental and physical  health. As a result, films containing cruel and violent scenes often promote the unhealthy life style and eventually affect social bonds in a negative way.

In conclusion, as an essential provider of information television is considered to be helpful and very convenient source, but people need to use it carefully. If TV set is dominating source of entertainment   to spend free time, it will have a detrimental effect on  social skills as a consequence.

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hpassinhas May 5 '16
Your English is very good!

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