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single_man Premium
single_man Mar 25 '16
Hi guys. I am planning a trip to Odessa in August this year. I was hoping someone could give me a few pointers about what might be a good pass time and things to do and see? I will be there for a week and am keen to meet new people too!
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IntrigU Premium
Eugeniia Jun 27 '16
Hi there, I think you will really like your time here in Odessa, the center of the city is beautifull itself, walking along the streets and admiring the arcitecture if you are interested in such things. Night clubs at the seashore in Arcadia are very popular. Also our city is famous for its quisine, restaurants offer delishious food, can give you some names if you like to. Here is one of the most beautiful opera and ballet theatres in Europe... 
single_man Premium
single_man Aug 1 '16
Thanks Eugeniia! I'll keep this in mind! :)
morozova19 Aug 20 '16
If you come to Belarus, I can help you with good advice too ))))
single_man Premium
single_man Sep 16 '16
Ok, Belarus is next on the list!!!

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