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elenmark Extra
elenmark Jun 24
In Russia, usually men and women get married at 20-35 years old, they also often get married before 20, and after 35, there are no definite boundaries or limits. How does this happen in Germany?
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1rainman Extra
1rainman Yesterday, 06:16
It is the same in Germany, it can be any age. But in Poland, Ukraine, Russia, people tend to get married younger. There are more people married. I go to online dating looking for a girlfriend in the U.S. I just meet girls that want to meet for sex. They aren't interested in knowing each other. It's really weird. It seems a lot of people just have this lifestyle now of not having a partner and just meeting random people. I feel like these must be people who have something wrong with them, because they don't want anybody to know them personally. I think in Russia it's more traditional. 

In Russia and Ukraine there are more girls that like older guys though. I go to Russian church and a 16 year old girl wants to marry me even when I'm almost 40. And the Russian manager I work with she is around my age, her dad married a younger woman and they have a child. So she has a 10 year old sister when is 40. It's not common in the West unless the woman is marrying for money. Russian/Ukrainian girls for some reason like old guys. 

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