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hendrik Premium
hendrik Dec 13 '16
When it comes to women in Russia, what is the most common job they have? What are the common skills that most women int he country share? I know it may be silly to ask but I would love to know. In some countries it is nursing, others it is teaching, some it is even law work. 
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timmy Feb 13 '17
85% of working women are in the educational field. Only 55% of the women actually work as well. Many are unable to find jobs or have lost their jobs and live with family and or relatives doing chores like helping care for the younger children and cleaning the home.
Preston Mar 26 '17
It seems most are teachers or tutors. Many are stay at home caretakers who help with family chores. The younger women will often help the older women in their families with the children, the cleaning, and so on. 
Zoes Apr 15 '17
Many are some form of care provider as well. I have dated a few nurses online. I once dated a midwife as well which is something I had no idea was still around. I know a lot of women don't work as par traditions. The woman stays with her parents until she gets married. 
David Premium
David Jun 13 '17
The ones I have dated were mainly all caretakers. They didn't have incomes. They just helped their families take care of each other and their fathers usually supported their needs. 
ekonomist Premium
ekonomist Nov 13 '17
Nurses, caretakers, babysitters, teachers, and in some cases, gardeners. Mostly things that surround family values from what I have noticed. 
Vinz Premium
Vinz Mar 17 '18
I think most are work with the elderly and children. Some will do other work outside these fields but it just isn't as common as it is in places like Canada, the US, or the UK.
Jessel Premium
Jessel May 9 '19
As mentioned, ,many will become caretakers in some form or fashion be it staying home to care for their family or actually becoming a paid nurse, teacher, or childcare person.

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