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1rainman May 17
Why the girls on here don't want to write me
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1rainman Extra
1rainman May 18
Anyway, I'm good looking, I'm intelligent, nice guy, serious about dating. Girls usually like me. I simply cannot date a Russian or Ukrainian girl here because the men start attacking me and threatening me every time a Slavic girl likes me. 

But you know, I'm tired of writing 500 people and not one person can write back. I'm leaving this site. I'm not sure why anyone is on here because if you aren't interested in me, then who are you interested in? Maybe Brad Pitt or something? If zero girls out of 500 like me, then I might as well quit. I will meet a person somewhere else. 

I'm a hit with romance  scammers and cam girl extortionists. I'm guessing those crowds aren't in line with your wants children and long-term relationship goals.

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