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single_man Mar 14 '15
I know there is a lot of cultural differences to begin with so the age you choose may impact your relationship greatly. I find that dating around my age is best. a few years younger/older. Too young, and it will just be imbalanced and too old, I will feel like she is my mother. lol What do you think? 
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timmy Feb 6 '17
It depends on your preference. There is nothing wrong with dating younger or older but you have to consider your lifestyle and what you have to offer. If you can't keep up with an energetic 20 something than you have no business dating one.
Aike May 2 '17
I would say the late 20's and early 30's. They are still young and attractive but old enough to not be a total airhead. Younger women tend to play dumb which I never understood. It is something I and most men view as a turn off. 
Mina May 27 '17
35 to 45 if you are looking for great sex. 

25 to 24 if you are looking for someone you can have fun with. 

younger than that if you want to be a father figure. 

and older than 45 if you want to be married. 

Adan Premium
Adan Jul 3 '17
I would say that 5 years younger and 5 years older than your age is a good range. I have dated much younger and did not like it. I have also dated much older (9 years) and did not like that either. I would prefer the woman to be about my age or slightly younger. 
Clinton Sep 9 '17
I date all ages. I am not picky. One of the last women I dated in the states for 15 years older than I am. While it freaked my family out, they didn't seem to mind so much after meeting her. 

In terms of Russian women, I think 30+ is best. Younger ones tend to not know what they want in life year so it is hard to have anything serious there. 

Tellis Oct 21 '17
I dabble. Some older women can be too much and some younger women can just be too annoying. Not all Russian women are the same in a particular age group. It varies. 
salva8 Dec 16 '17
I like a mix of both. I have dated much younger and much older. Both have their value to me. Older women are more experienced and younger women are more adventurous. It depends on your lifestyle and preference really.
houston Feb 22 '18
18 to 30.
Arman Feb 2 '18
It depends on your lifestyle. Sometimes younger is better sometimes older is better. You have to ask yourself and evlauate your own life to find out. For me, I like 25+.

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