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Dorsey Mar 6 '17
I read online that Russian women prefer to date and marry American men, German men, and Italian men. I never understood why but I am not complaining! Does it have to do with the locations? Maybe the accent? 
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Kian Premium
Kian Apr 27 '17
The areas. I am sure it has to do with looks and accent but they love those countries. I am French and lived in America for quite a few years. I learned that American men when they are well groomed and well spoken can pull a lot of different women easily... but the foreign male can do the same to American women.
BendyoOver007 Jun 16 '17
American Men. All you sexy Russian Women, contact me. 
daniell19 Premium
daniell19 Jun 26 '17
I would say that the location is most appealing to them. I think that sometimes it has to do with looks and culture as well, maybe the accents but over all...

Location. Location. LOCATION! Women are simple and when you really ask them what they want, they will tell you and why too. 

Edsel Premium
Edsel Jul 8 '17
I agree about it being more of a location than about the men. Sure, some do prefer the accents of certain men but they want the option to live somewhere fun and exciting with good food. That is what those three places have in common. 
Daniel Sep 4 '17
I asked one that I was speaking with what she liked about Americans so much and she said the variety. She said no two American men are the same where it isn't the same in Russia. I guess it depends on who you talk to. For her, it was simply the variety. 
michaelCanada Premium
michaelCanada Oct 23 '17
I have a friend I met through work last year who married an Italian man. She ended up moving to Italy in August. Her reasoning for enjoying Italian men is because they were manly men who were fertile, had a good sense of humor, and a wonderful accent. 

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